ECS announces revolutionary motherboard
 posted: Friday, October 24, 2003

Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), the world's leading motherboard manufacturer and innovator, today introduced the KV1 motherboard that supports the revolutionary AMD Athlon?64 CPU to its premium PHOTON family.

Incorporating with VIA K8T800 chipset, outstanding connectivity, and PHOTON features, KV1 enables PC users to experience the whole new 64-bit technology.

In addition to the PHOTON KV1 motherboard, ECS will showcase a complete array of solutions that support AMD Athlon?64 CPU at Taipei Computex September 22~26. These mainboards include the ECS K8T800-A (VIA K8T800 based), K8M800-M (VIA K8M800), 755-A (SiS 755 based) and 760-M (SiS 760 based). Please visit us at Halls, E105~107.

The ECS PHOTON KV1 supports the AMD Athlon?64 CPU that advances X86 PCs from 32-bit to the 64-bit processing previously only available for workstations or servers. With its enhanced 800 MHz front side bus speed, the ECS KV1 was designed for users of high performance digital media, enterprise data asset management, engineering, CAD-CAM, thin client user, encryption, modeling, simulation, statistics and financial analysis applications that require large amounts of physical and virtual memory.

The AMD Athlon?64 computing platform enables HyperTransport?technology, which helps reduce system bottlenecks for more efficient system memory access. Incorporating VIA Hyper8 technology (the world?H first 16-bit/1.6 GHz implementation of HyperTransport bus), Integrated DDR memory controller in the CPU, AGP 8X interface and outstanding connectivity, the ECS KV1 is capable of dealing with today?H most demanding multi-media applications.

The ECS KV1 also delivers revolutionary proprietary PHOTON features including six-layer PCB, acceleration extreme, Dual SPDIF, SPDIF Shutter, SATA RAID, E-class exterior, Top Hat flash and PCI extreme.

  • Six-layer PCB: KV1 is built on a Six-layer PCB that provides extraordinarily stable signal transmission and extreme overclocking abilities that only mainboards for server or workstation could previously attain.

  • Acceleration Extreme: Based on the same design implemented on high-end video cards, KV1 features the highest quality aluminum V-chip capacitors to improve stability, efficient signal transmission, explosion proofing and ventilation. 

  • Dual SPDIF: Dual SPDIF is an integrated, high quality digital audio output port on the rear panel that raises sound quality by reducing cable data loss.

  • SPDIF Shutter: A dust-proof cover for the optical connector prevents dust and oxidization that can seriously affect transfer quality.

  • E-class exterior: E-class exterior eliminates confusing component labels on the board while providing a clear, clean and simple surface containing only the information users require.

  • Top Hat Flash: This feature provides the easiest way for any users to cure BIOS problems DIY. By simply installing the tool on a malfunctioning BIOS flash, systems can be rebooted to re-flash BIO

  • PCI Extreme: This special PCI slot implement with superior OS-con capacitors on board providing ultra outstanding signal quality for a home theater builder to plug in audio and video cards.